Give and Take provides the connection.
Imagine a place where you can trade all the things that you don't need for what you really want without much effort and using just your phone. The app match your offers with your desired items and provide everything you need to complete the trade.

It's just 4 simple steps:


Just add everything you have to trade in a few seconds. Use your own phone to take pictures and submit the items. Don't worry about listings and advertisement, the app will place the offers for you.


Select all the products you need or might want in a game-like interface. Browse through all offers, filter by category or search for specific product. Everything you select will be add to your Wishlist.


That's when the magic happens! After submitting your products and choosing offers, the app will match common interests and ask if you want to proceed with the proposed trades. You can have multiple offers and pick what's the best trade for you.


After confirming the trade from the proposed match, it's time to plan the meeting with the other user. Since you both want each other's item, this is the easiest part. And your details will only be showed after the confirmation, so no worries. That's also a good way to make new friends.



Look around you and contemplate all the things that you have and don't use anymore. What to do with it?
Selling takes a lot of effort and it's never easy. Besides, the not-so-good price you might get isn't enough for the high effort of advertising and the long wait for the offers. Instead of the 3 regular options - selling, disposing, storing - you have a new one: trading.

Save Money

Save not only by not having to rent offsite storage (1 out 10 Americans do) but also getting what you need without costs.

Reduce Waste

Do you know that 70% of overall toxic waste is e-waste and that only 12,5% of it is recycled? But most important: the majority of it is not waste at all!

Connect With People

Meeting likeminded people in the process helps you not only to trade things faster but also it's a first step to make more meaningful connections.

Change Your Lifestyle

Set yourself free of the burden of too much to carry. Besides, did you know that kids only play with 0.05% of the toys they own? You don't need the surplus.

Value Things

Instead of viewing everything as a disposable item, you'll start to value each object you own - specially the ones with a cool back history, like 1st edition signed books.

Free Yourself

Fighting the culture of new can be empowering. Reconnect with the true 'need' mindset and add value to objects that cannot be priced. Get value and give value.


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